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Choosing Between Damage Contractors

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Sinking Foundations That Spring Leaks And Cause Headaches: 4 Tips To Deal With Foundation Settling That Is Causing Serious Damag

Over time, the foundation of your home is naturally going to have some settling. The problem is that when the settling is rapid and severe, it can cause cracks, structural problems, and issues with leaks that cause water damage in areas like basements. These compound problems mean that you will need to have to choose from various types of repairs to correct issues. Here are some tips to deal with settling foundations that have starting leaking and causing structural damage.

1. Stabilizing Foundation in Soft Soils with Post Tension Systems

One of the common causes of foundation settling is when a home is built on soft soils without proper foundation footings to support structural loads. This often leads to the foundation sinking in the soil in an uneven manner. To correct the problem of uneven and widespread settling in soft soils, post tension cable systems can be installed. This is the process of using cables and applying tension to distribute loads evenly and prevent uneven settling in soft soils.

2. Soil Grouting Techniques to Deal with Erosion and Stabilize Loose Soils

Sometimes, problems with soils may be due to erosion of loose materials, which is common when there is a lot of sand in soils. This can cause areas beneath your foundation to be washed away, which eventually leads to settling and structural problems. To prevent problems with erosion in soft soils, soil grouting techniques can be used. Soil grouting is the process of mixing soils with cement to harden them to prevent erosion, stop settling, and provide support for structural loads.

3. Pier Jacking and Foundation Support Systems to Stop and Correct Settling

Sometimes, the repairs to your settling home will require support for load bearing points. Other repairs help address the issues of settling and erosion, but what about correcting the problem. The great benefit of pier foundation support systems is that they also allow you to correct the settling using pier jacking techniques. These pier systems allow you to precisely correct settling and provide permanent support for the loads.

4. Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions Used to Protect Against the Forces of Water

After all the work has been done to repair your foundation and prevent settling, you will need to deal with water issues. If the settling has caused cracks in your foundation, it is likely that the waterproofing has also been damaged. Before you get started with waterproofing repairs, update drainage and watershed in landscaping. Make sure that the foundation has good drainage and update the waterproofing to prevent damage that can be caused by the forces of water as is drains through soils, which is called static water pressure.

These are some tips to help deal with foundation problems that are causing leaks and structural damage to your home. If you need help with finding solutions for your foundation problems, contact a foundation repair and waterproofing service and talk to them about the best options for the needs of your home.