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Choosing Between Damage Contractors

Your friend's best friend's cousin might sound like your best bet for an inexpensive, quick repair, but it might be smarter to hire the professionals. A few years ago, I made the mistake of listening to some friend's advice on working with an unlicensed contractor, and I have been regretting that choice for years. In addition to leaving behind wet walls and a damaged interior, the unskilled contractors that I worked with also showed up late and were difficult to get a hold of. My blog is all about helping you to choose the best contractors for the job, so that you can get on with your life.

Investing in Professional Duct Cleaning after a House Fire

Does your HVAC system have an odor of smoke when it is running due to a recent house fire? During the restoration process, it is important to ensure that the duct system receives as much attention as the other areas of your home. The reason is that a house fire creates smoke and soot that can get into the duct system. The aftermath of a fire when it comes to the duct system is about more than just the odor of smoke that is left behind — it's also about the hazard that is created by soot. You need the assistance of a professional restoration contractor so your air ducts can be thoroughly cleaned.

Why is it Important to Remove Soot from the Air Ducts?

If you do not get the soot removed from the air ducts, particles of the soot can circulate in your home each time the HVAC system is running. The dangerous part of soot floating around in the air is that it can easily be inhaled by everyone in your home. Inhaling soot particles can cause an array of health problems, including difficulty breathing. Serious conditions like coronary heart disease and cancer can develop from inhaling soot particles as well. You must get the soot particles removed from your air ducts in a timely manner for the safety of your household.

How Do Professionals Remove the Odor of Smoke?

Professionals remove the odor of smoke from air ducts by using commercial oxidizing equipment. For example, one of the methods for removing the odor of smoke is to send a mist of chlorine dioxide into the air ducts. The mist sticks to the walls of the ducts, as well as the air handler. Another method for removing the odor of smoke is to use an ozone generator to neutralize the odor of smoke in the air ducts and air handler.

Will More Than Soot Be Removed from the Air Ducts?

When your air ducts are cleaned, you should expect more than the soot left behind by the fire to be removed. Dust and other debris will be removed as well, so your air ducts will function better than they did before the fire. An agitation whip is a piece of equipment that is commonly used to clean out air ducts, which consists of high pressure being used to push soot and debris out of the ducts. If you would like to know the specific details about how your ducts will be cleaned, a contractor such as Disaster Masters can provide more information.