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Choosing Between Damage Contractors

Your friend's best friend's cousin might sound like your best bet for an inexpensive, quick repair, but it might be smarter to hire the professionals. A few years ago, I made the mistake of listening to some friend's advice on working with an unlicensed contractor, and I have been regretting that choice for years. In addition to leaving behind wet walls and a damaged interior, the unskilled contractors that I worked with also showed up late and were difficult to get a hold of. My blog is all about helping you to choose the best contractors for the job, so that you can get on with your life.

When To Call A Water Damage Contractor

As a homeowner, water damage is one of the major nightmare situations to watch out for. No matter how careful you are with having routine inspections, performing annual maintenance, and getting any repairs done quickly, problems can still show up. Pipes can burst, floods can come through the area, and appliances that use water can break and cause flooding. No matter what the cause, a water damage contractor should come right away to assess the situation and start the cleanup and restoration process. The first step to reacting correctly to water damage situations is knowing how to recognize a problem. This article will help you determine when you should call a water damage contractor

Your house has a musty smell: A problem with odors in a home is that those who live in the home often don't smell them, because they develop nose blindness to them. However, if you return home after a few days, you may suddenly notice there's a musty odor. Or, a friend might drop by and alert you to the fact that the house has this type of odor to it. As soon as you become aware of the situation, you should call the damage contractor since musty smells usually indicate mold is present, and mold usually indicates there's water damage. 

You see stains on the ceiling, walls, or floors: If there are stains on the ceiling or high up on the walls, it could be a roof leak. However, stains further down on the walls or on the floor could indicate a leak coming from the pipes or an appliance connection. Or, stains on the walls could mean the siding needs to be replaced and is allowing rainwater to seep into the house each time it rains. The source isn't always easy to determine, but a damage contractor will be able to locate it. 

You find mold in your house: As soon as you find mold in your house, you know you have an issue with moisture. You should have the damage contractor come out immediately to address the situation and get rid of all the mold, which may be much more serious than what's visible on the surface. Also, you'll need the source of the moisture to be found and fixed. Additionally, any other water damage will need to be taken care of. 


You now have the information you need to immediately spot signs of water damage. These are things you never want to ignore, as you could end up with extensive water damage that could require more work.